What are your rates?
Very reasonable. On par with the other services, only you can take advantage of monthly deals and you ALWAYS get 50% off every tenth game played with Pad2Post.  In the meantime, visit the site’s RATES page for all our prices. A standard one-hour shinny or league game goes for $50.

I need a goalie today and soon. How long do you take to respond?
Pad2Post is open throughout the day and evening and will respond to your booking request within minutes. Just fill out a submission form and we will email you back without missing a beat.

For last-minute requests, you can bypass the submission form and email us at pad2post@gmail.com. Put “URGENT” in the subject heading to ensure we prioritize your request—please do this only for skates no more than two hours away.

How do I book a goalie?
Just go to BOOK A GOALIE, fill out the form, and presto. Our head representative will respond to your request momentarily. Once we get to know each other, feel free to bypass the submission form and just shoot us an email at pad2post@gmail.com if you need a keeper.

What is your method of payment?
Pad2Post accepts cash, which is to be given to the goaltender at the skate (before or after is fine). We do not accept advanced or deferred payments. No EFTs or cheques, please.

I booked a goalie, but have to cancel. Will you provide a full refund?
If you need to cancel your confirmed booking, we will annul our booking fee and refund you 100 percent, provided you give us at least ONE hours notice. We kindly ask you give us as much notice as possible for us to notify the assigned tender.

Will you play at our rink? We’re not in Toronto.
Pad2Post can always provide a goalie for any games based in Toronto — that includes the east and west end. In addition, areas like Scarborough, Forest Hill, North York, and Etobicoke qualify. However, arenas on the GTA’s fringes like Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton, or Oshawa will not.

My game is important. Can you guarantee me a skilled tender?
All of our goalies are experienced and capable, so rest assured you will never be assigned with a rookie. Of course, our goalies have their own individual strengths and weaknesses—and you can never guarantee greatness in every performance—but we can guarantee someone with proven skills and experience.

My goalie played awesome. Can I request he/she play for us again?
Of course. Just put the name of the desired goalie in the “Details” section of your submission and we will see if he/she is available to play. Please do not take down their contact information; Pad2Post will assign them to you upon their availability.

My goalie played awesome. Can I take down their info after the game?
In the event you want the same goalie, Pad2Post asks that you contact us first and we will set you up with that keeper if he/she is available. Our goalies agree to this as well when they join the service.

My goalie played poor. Can I request a refund?
Pad2Post prides itself on handpicking skilled and highly capable goaltenders. Thus, we are confident you will not be disappointed with your ringer’s performance. But all goalies have their off days. In the unlikely event of an outcome-affecting poor performance in a league or tournament game, you can receive a partial refund by first getting the pertinent goaltender’s approval and then contacting Pad2Post immediately after the skate for ours. If approved, Pad2Post will waive our share of the booking fee, but the remaining share will be then paid to cover the goalie’s time.

Can I book a goalie with you over social media?
Pad2Post is on Twitter, but we recommend you use our contact forum for booking requests. We are always checking emails, but Twitter less often. However, you are encouraged to leave a testimonial or review on our Twitter page and feel free to ask any non-urgent questions through that avenue, too.

Is there some kind of loyalty membership?
Yes. Every ten games using Pad2Post we will give you a 50% discount. We also have new deals that renew on the first of every month. To see if your game qualifies, scroll down on our home page where it says “MONTHLY DEALS”.

Also, as we expand our client base, we are offering a FREE game to whichever client uses this service most up until September 1st, 2017. For a limited time only, you also get $10 OFF your first skate with us.

I am a loyal customer and we know each other now. Do I still have to use the site’s submission form to make a request?
Once you have made a couple requests via the submission form, you are welcome to bypass that process and just drop us an email with the details.

Do you ever close?
Pad2Post is open year-round through all seasons, Monday to Sunday from 8AM to 12AM. We don’t close on Holidays, however goaltender availability may vary during those busy, family-oriented times. It’s worth checking in anyways then; we tend to have exclusive week-only holiday deals!

Loved the service. Can I leave a review somewhere?
Absolutely, we encourage it. Drop us an email with your short testimonial and we will, with your consent, publish it on the site for visitors to see! If you are a part of Twitter, you can also contribute a testimonial on our Twitter @pad_2_post. For a limited time only, we are offering a $5 discount to those who contribute a testimonial over either!